Steps in Applying for Donated Cars

Goodwill Cars to Work was founded to provide working Kentuckians the opportunity to provide for themselves and build better lives. Our organization repairs and refurbishes eligible  vehicles from around the state and makes them available for purchase through highly-affordable, refundable interest payment plans for those who qualify for the program. Our organization thus works twofold... Continue Reading →


Write Off Your Car With Our Professionals — You’ll Thank Us Later!

If you have a car you no longer drive, you may be wondering what to do with it. Many car owners try selling their cars themselves — but this frequently leads to haggled prices, advertising hassles, and often no offers at all. Others opt to sell their old vehicles to dealerships or junkyards, where they... Continue Reading →

The Million Mile Toyota Tundra

Everyone hopes their vehicle will last them a lifetime, especially after you finish paying it off, but regular wear and tear makes it difficult for even the hardiest cars, trucks, and SUVs to last more than a few hundred thousand miles. There comes a time when it’s likely more cost-effective to replace your vehicle rather... Continue Reading →

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