The Benefits of Donating a Vehicle to Cars to Work

Whether you currently own a car or wish you did, you are probably well aware of the many benefits that owning your own vehicle brings to your life. Our vehicles provide us our own means of transportation to use however we like. Each day, millions of Americans use their cars to get to work, shop, and recreate. Indeed, vehicles are often a necessity for those who have to commute long distances to their jobs, or for those who work hours that are incompatible with public transportation. For these reasons, those without vehicles are at a huge disadvantage and are often unable to work or provide for their families. By donating your vehicle to Cars to Work, you are helping those who are less fortunate receive a working vehicle on an affordable, low-risk payment plan. You could also be eligible for a sizeable tax refund for your donation. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of donating a vehicle to Cars to Work, and contact our donation team at (866)-654-2277 to learn more about the donation process and start your donation today!

The Benefits for Recipient Drivers

For many American families and individuals, a vehicle is more than just an extra amenity: it’s a necessity. For many adults, vehicles are the only means of getting to work or going out to buy food and other necessary provisions for themselves and their families. This is especially true in rural areas in Kentucky where residents have to commute to their jobs and public transportation may not be available. Many others reside in cities and may require vehicles to commute to suburban jobs. In fact, the vast majority of those who cannot afford their own vehicles in Kentucky are also located in regions where the need for vehicles is most pressing. Data provided by the Federal Transportation Administration, Urban Institute Study, and 2010 American Community Survey found that 75% of welfare recipients live in cities or rural areas, while nearly 70% of new jobs are located in suburban areas — meaning in order to get to these jobs, those in cities or rural areas must commute.
By donating a vehicle to Cars to Work, you will be helping Cars to Work serve individuals or families in need. Thanks to your donated vehicle, a member of your community could obtain the necessary means to commute to work, drive his or her child to school, and shop for necessary provisions whenever needed. Additionally, your donation will help Cars to Work assist people build credit through our affordable, low-risk payments plans. Eventually, they will own their cars outright and have built up enough credit to make new purchases on their own.

The Benefits for You

Donating your vehicle to Cars to Work will directly impact lives within your community. Because Cars to Work gives qualifying individuals and families the opportunity to purchase an affordable vehicle, your donation will not only benefit your local economy but increase the quality of life those around you, giving you priceless peace of mind. But the benefits of donating your vehicle to Cars to Work don’t stop there. As a gift to a nonprofit organization, your donation could qualify for a tax refund of up to the full value of your car. This can help you save hundreds to thousands of dollars come tax season. Often, those who donate their vehicles end up reaping more of a financial reward than those who simply sell them to local dealerships or junkyards. Visit our FAQ page to learn more about the donation process and the many benefits of donating your vehicle.

Donate Your Vehicle Today!

If you are interested in bettering the lives of those in your community and receiving financial benefits yourself, donating your car to Cars to Work is great way to both give and receive. Through your donation, you will be helping a local driver in need and you could be eligible for a sizeable tax refund when tax season rolls around.

To get started on the donation process, fill out our online donation form or contact our Louisville, KY nonprofit organization at (866)-654-2277 today!


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