How to Know When It’s Time to Donate Your Car

If you’re like most American adults, your car is an incredibly important part of your life. It’s your shuttle, your companion on the road, your quiet place, and your caravan. For many of us, cars are more than a luxury — they’re a necessity. And for those who’ve hung onto their old cars for too long, they can become a burden. If your car is showing signs of wear and tear and is need of regular (and costly) repairs, it may be time to say goodbye to your old friend and move on to a more reliable set of wheels.
If you believe it may be time for you to jettison your jalopy, you may also be wondering how best to go about it. Do you try to sell your car outright? Do you try to get quick cash for it through a local or regional junkyard? Or do you simply leave it parked on your property to rust? While each of these options has its own advantages and drawbacks, there’s one we haven’t mentioned that may top them all: donation. By donating your car to a nonprofit organization like Goodwill Cars to Work, you receive a financial reward in the form of a tax refund and you help an individual or family in need by giving them access to an affordable means of transportation. With benefits like that, the question isn’t whether you should donate your car — it’s when to donate it. To help you make the most timely choice possible, our auto team here at Cars to Work has put together this short guide on the major signs and symptoms that will tell you it’s time to donate your car. Read on for how to know when it’s time to donate your car, and contact our Louisville, KY nonprofit at (866)-654-2277 today!

Sign #1: Unreliability

Unreliability is the primary sign of an aging or broken vehicle. If you find yourself saying a prayer before turning the key in the ignition, or routinely calling for a ride after your car breaks down on the side of the road, it may be time to donate. Donating an unreliable vehicle is the textbook definition of quitting while you’re ahead: you save yourself unnecessary future hassle or expenses and get a tax refund in the process. Plus, your car will be given new life through our network of experienced repair technicians and auto professionals.

Sign #2: Costly Repairs

With an unreliable vehicle invariably comes an ever-growing list of repairs. If your car seems to be in the shop more than it’s on the road, that may be a sign that it’s reaching the end of its life and it’s ready to be donated. Of course, the frequency of repairs isn’t the only thing to consider. Cost is another factor. Once your car’s repairs start creeping towards the total value of the vehicle itself, it may be a good idea to consider donation. Otherwise, you’ll be simply throwing money into an investment that you’ll never see returned. Break the cycle and stop spending unnecessary money by donating your car.

Sign #3: Decreased Driving

Maybe you’ve already found a new ride, or maybe you’re looking to save money by downsizing — whatever your reason for no longer driving your car, you can stand to benefit in several ways by donating it. From a financial perspective, even if your car is totally paid off, it still needs insurance and registration — both of which add up to hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars each year. For a car that you hardly drive, these costs are largely unnecessary and are often too much to shoulder. Plus, by donating your unused car, you will be helping Cars to Work assist individuals or families who need a vehicle for daily use, thus repurposing it for a good cause. Still not convinced? Read on for a quick synopsis of the advantages of donating.

The Advantages of Donating

So your car is coming to the end of its life in your driveway. What next? You may be considering selling it to a used dealership or a junkyard — but donating your car to a nonprofit like Cars to Work will likely give you the same rewards, plus some. Whatever cash you might get for your vehicle at a used dealership or junkyard will likely be awarded as tax refund for the upcoming tax year if you choose to donate instead. What’s more, your car could benefit a family or individual who needs to commute to work, school, and other destinations each day. With our network of automobile technicians and auto sales professionals here at Cars to Work, we can ensure that many donated vehicles can find a home through our affordable, refundable interest ownership plans.

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about the donation process, and contact our team at (866)-654-2277 to start your donation today!


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